Cycle Brookfield believes in the Power of Bicycles, and seeks to expand fun and safe cycling through education, event organization and community support.

Cycle Brookfield: Making Brookfield more bikable

Cycle Brookfield wants to make it safer, easier, and more fun to bike in and around Brookfield. We do that through education, advocacy and community building. We support:
  • more and safer bike lanes and bike routes in Brookfield
  • more and better cycling connections to neighboring suburbs and Chicago
  • more and more secure bike parking
  • fun cycling events for riders of all ages and skill levels
  • an active and inclusive community of cyclists
We do these things because we believe a more bikeable Brookfield is a safer, healthier, friendlier, more economically vibrant Brookfield.


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• Active Transportation Alliance highlights CycleBrookfield Efforts
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Cycle Brookfield encourages bicycling with the following events.

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Bike Tune Up
Annual event to help cyclist get their bikes ready for the riding season. Learn More!
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First Friday Rides
A monthly Slow Roll Social Ride to enjoy local roads and meet other cyclist. Learn More!
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Fourth of July Parade
Cycle Brookfield participates in this annual village event to promote cycling in our home town. Learn More!
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Bike Brookfield

Cycle Brookfield helps sponsor this annual village event and provides support and volunteers.
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BonFire Ride

This winter event includes a ride in any kind of weather and socializing by a bonfire for the most adventurous souls.
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Informal Group Rides

Cycle Brookfield members announce local informal rides for members to join. The rides are usually defined by distance and rate of speed to help you decide if it is right for your level of riding.
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Brookfield's Monster On Main Street 2019

Cycle Brookfield advocates riding year round for fun and community building. This year was our first year participating in "Brookfield's Monsters on Main Street". We had so much fun and enjoyed meeting so many of our neighbors! We will be back next year!
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Upcoming Events

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March 6th — First Friday Slow Roll Social Ride— Cancelled because of ice and snow.
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If you missed the Annual Meeting and Year in Review on February 27 at Irish Times, here is the agenda.
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Cycle Brookfield is a 501c3 non-for-profit advocacy group with a mission to make cycling, walking, and driving safe and enjoyable for all. We encourage all cyclist to wear helmets and light up their bike.

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You can find timely information on Cycle Brookfield on our facebook page. Or contact us